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Blogs, TV-Out and FFMpeg

February 25, 2006

Firstly, I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog for a while. Life stuff, y’know. Homework and shit.

I also got my TV-Out cable today. It got here yesterday, but no-one was at home to pick it up. I got it from the Post Office this morning. It works just fine (from Lik-Sang). Some of the apps have problems with scaling, but I can play Quake.

As for FFMpeg, I’m having trouble interacting with the display. It may have something to do with the scaler, but I’m not sure. It’s confusing me. Going to take another shot at it today.

Also, last weekend I discovered I was short-sighted. No surprise, really. Going to pick up my new glasses today.

Stuff to do, stuff to do…

February 16, 2006

It’s nearing the end of half-term now, and I haven’t done a single piece of homework, and I really don’t want to start now. I’ve got essays all over the place. And I’ve just about finished the menu for my GP2X-2006 coding competition entry. And it has to be in by 23:59 on Monday. Hurrah.

I cancelled my order with GBAX for the TV-Out cable, and ordered from Lik-Sang. I prefer GBAX to Lik-Sang, I really do, but at least those guys in Hong Kong have shipped me one. It’s on its way, and I’ll be recompiling FFMpeg several times when it gets here, so it works on the TV. My GP2X has started to refuse to run on batteries again, so I’m giving it a rest to see if that helps at all. It did last time.

FFPlay went down relatively well, only I’ve noticed some sync problems while attempting to decode a DivX file. These problems are fixed when you use video to get sync rather than audio, but then audio sounds weird and jerky. I’m now one of those people who can’t wait for a source release.

FFPlay Binary

February 15, 2006

OK, it’s done now – FFPlay is available for download from the gp2x file archive!

It includes two versions – one with fixed point WMA (fast, but very buggy, and generally sounds quite bad when playing WMA, named ffplay) and one with floating point WMA (slow and choppy, but stable, named ffplay_soft). The one you choose won’t affect anything other than WMA and WMV with audio on. The zip also includes sample scripts for running a movie called video.avi (with and without sound) and for running a music file called music.mp3 (with and without a wave display). MP3s run well at 130MHz. DivX runs fine at 200MHz. RM and RAM run OK at 200MHz. WMA and WMV don’t run all that well, but WMV runs OK without sound at 200MHz.

Credit to soiaf for the fixed-point WMA, and all his work on that, and everything I hope he does in future, and of course credit to the FFMpeg team.

Select – Quit
Start – Pause
Left – Backward 10s
Right – Forward 10s
Up – Forward 60s
Down – Backward 60s
Y – Toggle Wave Display

FFMpeg Homepage
FFPlay Documentation
FFMpeg Supported File Formats and Codecs


February 15, 2006

Well, having attempted compilation of Mupen64 and given up, I’ve been left with FFMpeg, as I compiled that for libavcodec, libavformat and libavutil. In the FFMpeg directory was a compiled FFPlay which I’d made for no reason (just because it compiled when I was compiling the rest of it). So, I put it on the GP2X, and surprisingly, it worked! After throwing a few WMVs, RMs and MPGs at it, I realised it was absolutely rubbish at playing movies, but hey. It played the MP3s I threw at it perfectly, and even rendered me some nice audio waves. WMA didn’t play very well, and I was informed by soiaf (from that this was because WMA was absolutely filled with floating point ops, and due to the GP2X’s annoying lack of FPU, very inefficient. He’s sent me a version of wmadec that uses fixed point, which I can’t get to work. Segmentation Fault. Grr.

I may upload the binary later today, depending on how it goes.

printf(“Hello Blog!”);

February 13, 2006

As I currently can’t be bothered to get my own site up and running (I will eventually, and it’ll have a fancy Flash interface and everything!) this is where I’ll be putting news and stuff. Seeing as this is a first post, it’s probably a good idea to introduce myself.

My name is Nick, a.k.a nickspoon on almost everything. No, my last name isn’t Spoon, but close. I’m 13 years old, which apparently comes as a surprise to many, especially those in the forums, where I spend way too much time. When I’m not in front of my computer reading the gp32x forums, I’m in front of my computer doing something different. I reckon 40% of my life is spent asleep, and 50% in front of a computer. But hey, what else am I meant to do? Socialise? Yeah right.

I do enjoy coding. For the fun of it. Being 13, I can’t be employed as a coder, because the “government” wants me to go to “school”. I’ve learnt QuickBasic, BlitzBasic, Visual Basic, Javascript and C/C++ (sort of, I can’t get my head around all this low-level stuff, malloc and the like). At one point, I decided to try and write something for the GBA, but gave up soon after, as it was overly complicated. Still wanting to get something on a handheld, I bought a GP2X.

Brilliant little gadget. Absolutely superb for emulators and homebrew games, and I much prefer having an unlimited amount of free games than just buying a few commercial ones. OK, it has its flaws (rubbish joystick, interlacing) but I still think it’s great. If you haven’t got one, why not?

Great thing about the GP2X is, it supports SDL. Thus, I can write games and stuff for it. First thing I did for it was an upgrade to a Pong game someone had made, so you could play two-player on one console. Fun for the whole family, eh? Then, I did an EdgeWrite-based program, which didn’t work. After that, I made a little puzzler called MagiJig, which was honestly not very good. What got me slightly more attention was my port of gladiator. Fun game, truly. After that, I ported the Flirt library, and called the player Flashplay. This got a lot of interest, until someone noticed that everything they tried didn’t work, and the library I used had no sound support, and had ceased development. Oops.

I’m now working on something for the GP2X-2006 coding competition, and though it’s fairly obvious I won’t win, or come 2nd or 3rd, I’m going to do it anyway. I’m not allowed to say what it is, though.
So that’s it for an extremely long Hello Blog post.