Well I’ll be. E3 was well… kinda disappointing. It could and should have been a lot bigger and better. Some exciting announcements were made – Ninty showing off a lot of Wii stuff including a sports game, Zelda, Mario, Metroid; as well as some DS stuff. Also really interesting was the Virtual Console feature and the new controller you’ll use to play it, as well as Connect24 (when are we going to get a webserver on that thing?). Sony showed off their new PS3 stuffs – some really nice (and confusing, by tradition) clips of the new MGS (which isn’t card based, thankfully) as well as their new “we’re not copying Nintendo, we thought of it first so ner” controller, which has no rumble but instead a wireless motion sensor thingy like the Wiimote and looks like a fancied-up PS2 controller. Basically, more sequels, more stealing, more FPS and violence because that’s what your people want. Microsoft with well… Halo 3. I generally dislike FPSes, but the trailer was quite nice. Still, more sequels, more FPS. Go originality.

So, it becomes obvious that I’m a strong supporter of the Wii, which I reckon will deliver fun games in an innovative way. The other consoles, despite their sheer power and lovely graphics, really won’t deliver the same experience. So yeah, Viva la Wii. I might buy a PS3, then sell it on eBay for three times buying price. Then buy a Wii. Wii yeah.

I plan on buying the Zelda game (swordy goodness, woo), the Sonic game, the Mario game and a driving game. And also a Star Wars game, should it come out. It’s every geek’s dream to wield a lightsaber. Wii yeah.

I also need to stop with the Wii jokes. Wii yeah.


One Response to “E3”

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