The Finkelsputzen English Language Inclusion Movement

The Finkelsputzen English Language Inclusion Movement (FELIM) was started by myself in order to get this excellent-sounding word included in the English language. The reason? The English language does not contain enough amazing words. The Germans have a lot of them, and in order to restore the balance, this movement was created.

The definition of finkelsputzen is as follows:

finkelsputzen (n., plural finkelsputzenz) The rubber piece on the end of a toilet plunger, used to plunge.

As far as I know, we have no word for that, hence one is required.

Link this page to everyone you know, and get finkelsputzen to the masses!


10 Responses to “The Finkelsputzen English Language Inclusion Movement”

  1. fishbong Says:

    This word does not exist in the german language. The rubber piece on the end of the toilet plumber is called a Saugglocke.

  2. nickspoon Says:

    Congratulations, Captain Obvious. Please point to where I say finkelsputzen is a real German word. All I say is German has many awesome words. It is a bid to get this excellent word into the English language.

    Finkelsputzen for ever,

  3. justthisguy Says:

    Finkelsputzen for EVER!


  4. the masked crusader Says:

    Finkelsputzen is the worst word ever.

  5. the masked crusader Says:

    God nickspoon, go shove a finkelsputzen up your arse and leave it there. God.

  6. nickspoon Says:

    How sad. I really do pity you, “the masked crusader”.

  7. The Masked Crusader Says:


  8. Thorsten Georg Finkelsputzen Says:

    Finkelsputzen is not a real word. It is renowned name of a very noble family clan. The Finkelsputzen Clan are descendants of Graf Otto von Bismarck and Gräfin Judith von Hohenzollern. In the name of the Finkelsputzens I announce that there will be several law suits against you, in the US, in the UK and in Germany.

  9. Lame Says:

    This is so pathetic and lame. You wont be sueing anyone moron.

  10. Graf Adelodus von Hohenzollern Says:

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

    Hiermit zeige ich Ihnen höflich an, dass ich von Thorsten Georg Finkelsputzen beauftragt worden bin, die nötigen rechtlichen Schritte gegen die Verunglimpfung des noblen und ehrenwerten Namens “Finkelsputzen” einzuleiten.

    …und ich verspreche Ihnen, ich werde alle verklagen, WordPress, Nick Spoon, die ganze Welt und auch Sie, Herr Lame.

    Graf Adelödipus von Hohenzollern

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