New PC

So, I have a brand new PC, rather than this horrible laptop I used to have. I can actually play games on this thing, and am rather enjoying Nexuiz. Also using Beryl. It’s all very good – everything loads snappily, and I don’t find myself waiting for stuff any more (hell, it boots in 30 seconds!), something I don’t miss. I do, however, owe my dad £500 plus the money I borrowed to buy iPods to repair (about £130, whoops). And I need to replace this here heatsink-fan, because running Nexuiz for a while makes the processor hit 52C. Ouch.

I haven’t forgotten about KK2X (now SSX) – far from it. I’m working… relatively hard to get this released.

That’s pretty much it for now, but it would be worth your time to watch this amazing piece of filmery.


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