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Blowing the dust off

February 7, 2007

Been a while. A long while.

So, I’ll inject some life into this tired blog by making a post. To the untrained eye, however, it may look like LSD.

SSX is still in development, but it needs a new name. Why? Because of the general perversions of the Japanese, that’s why. You see, the original name we chose, Sokei Sokei Xtreme, means Prototype Prototype Extreme. What I was unaware of at the time, however, was that it also means Groin Groin Extreme. Could be rather embarrassing. So, I’m open for suggestions.

This is going to be a long post. First off, I’ve started the GP2X Crap Games Competition 2007, which is a wonderful brainchild of mine (brainchild, what an odd word) and has achieved unprecedented success. Much more than that rubbish Community Games Competition. Which I didn’t win. However, I did steal some stuff from the reviews (check Crap Talk 2X). You can follow this link, and it will take you there. (Sadly, I’ve just lost the review for DPaB, unsure why, I’ll have to write it again.)

Nextly, thanks to topyli of #ubuntu-offtopic, I have discovered this wonderful tool called StripGenerator, which is perusable here:

Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to tell you about a man who changed my life. A man named God. Sorry, wrong guy. I’m talking about Josh Woodward (who exists), a singer/songwriter from Ohio who makes some fabulous music, and then gives it all away. Clearly a better man than I. Give him a listen, and you will enjoy it thoroughly, I guarantee it. My favourite songs include The Spirit World, To Lose the War, A Postcard From Hell, Big Disco Ball and Gallows Hill. That’s five out of almost 100 songs that he gives away.

That’s all!

Well well…

October 10, 2006

The reason I still haven’t got a demo out is certainly not because I’m lazy. Nope. Not at all. It’s because we’re sorting out a new feature or two. Bear with us.

It’s a very good idea to visit It’s an excellent comic by DC Simpson. Start reading it, and you will very nearly not be able to stop. DC Simpson also makes some decent music, as audible here.


I feel Linuxy

June 16, 2006

I really do. In fact, I'm so Linuxy I could explode.

Yes, I know me no post long time, but meh. Nobody reads this anyway.

Actually, that's untrue, I've had a grand total of 501 hits. Not bad.

I digress. What I wanted to talk about was my abandonage of Windoze. I'm now a full-time-Linux guy. A couple of hiccups in the beginning, i.e. no internet access, but I soon fixed that with a new wireless card, and something I still need to fix, printing. This will be difficult.

Anyway, the beta release of KK2X went OK, I just have to fix a bug or two and it'll be OK. I hope to get some new level packs soon.

Compiling ooPo's toolchain now, I should be up-and-running for GP2X dev by tomorrow.

I also need to buy some more RAM.


May 29, 2006

I can't believe I neglected to post this, but here it is, on my blog…

KuruKuru2X! It's what I've been working on for the past few weeks, and it's almost ready!

I know that Kuru Kuru Kururin has generated a very large following, despite never being released in the US. I also know that I found it an amazing game. Hence, since I was unable to find a clone of it, I took it into my own hands. The result is this.

Menu. Awesome, no? It all looks very professional, and it's too damn awesome for words. Thanks NoidZ for this!

An in-game shot. Dynamic! The tiles are nice, but the levels are being re-done for awesomeness. Also to be curvy.

Thanks to NoidZ for the graphics, and more when my GP2X arrives (including a beta)!


February 15, 2006

Well, having attempted compilation of Mupen64 and given up, I’ve been left with FFMpeg, as I compiled that for libavcodec, libavformat and libavutil. In the FFMpeg directory was a compiled FFPlay which I’d made for no reason (just because it compiled when I was compiling the rest of it). So, I put it on the GP2X, and surprisingly, it worked! After throwing a few WMVs, RMs and MPGs at it, I realised it was absolutely rubbish at playing movies, but hey. It played the MP3s I threw at it perfectly, and even rendered me some nice audio waves. WMA didn’t play very well, and I was informed by soiaf (from that this was because WMA was absolutely filled with floating point ops, and due to the GP2X’s annoying lack of FPU, very inefficient. He’s sent me a version of wmadec that uses fixed point, which I can’t get to work. Segmentation Fault. Grr.

I may upload the binary later today, depending on how it goes.