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Blowing the dust off

February 7, 2007

Been a while. A long while.

So, I’ll inject some life into this tired blog by making a post. To the untrained eye, however, it may look like LSD.

SSX is still in development, but it needs a new name. Why? Because of the general perversions of the Japanese, that’s why. You see, the original name we chose, Sokei Sokei Xtreme, means Prototype Prototype Extreme. What I was unaware of at the time, however, was that it also means Groin Groin Extreme. Could be rather embarrassing. So, I’m open for suggestions.

This is going to be a long post. First off, I’ve started the GP2X Crap Games Competition 2007, which is a wonderful brainchild of mine (brainchild, what an odd word) and has achieved unprecedented success. Much more than that rubbish Community Games Competition. Which I didn’t win. However, I did steal some stuff from the reviews (check Crap Talk 2X). You can follow this link, and it will take you there. (Sadly, I’ve just lost the review for DPaB, unsure why, I’ll have to write it again.)

Nextly, thanks to topyli of #ubuntu-offtopic, I have discovered this wonderful tool called StripGenerator, which is perusable here:

Last, but certainly not least, I’m going to tell you about a man who changed my life. A man named God. Sorry, wrong guy. I’m talking about Josh Woodward (who exists), a singer/songwriter from Ohio who makes some fabulous music, and then gives it all away. Clearly a better man than I. Give him a listen, and you will enjoy it thoroughly, I guarantee it. My favourite songs include The Spirit World, To Lose the War, A Postcard From Hell, Big Disco Ball and Gallows Hill. That’s five out of almost 100 songs that he gives away.

That’s all!

Well well…

October 10, 2006

The reason I still haven’t got a demo out is certainly not because I’m lazy. Nope. Not at all. It’s because we’re sorting out a new feature or two. Bear with us.

It’s a very good idea to visit It’s an excellent comic by DC Simpson. Start reading it, and you will very nearly not be able to stop. DC Simpson also makes some decent music, as audible here.



September 18, 2006

I should update more regularly. But, then again, I have very little to write about that is interesting, so I just update now and then when I feel the need. Plus, lots of homework.

KK2X news – KK2X is going commercial. Code by me, art by Sonistar. A special surprise in store for those who have played the original. Playable demo soon. And it was demo’d at the GC, so I’m very happy about that.

New PC. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 160GB HDD (when it comes, CityLink have lost it, the bastards), 2x512MB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7600GS. Good stuff. Unfortunately unusable until I get the harddrive and PSU. Which should be Friday. Next day delivery my arse, I’m getting a refund.

I probably have more stuff to say, but it’s late and I’ve forgotten. So I leave you with links.

Many moons have passed since I last posted here

July 22, 2006

But I’m not dead, you might be happy to know.

School’s over for another year, so I have 6 weeks of doing bugger all ahead of me. Just the way I like it.

KuruKuru2X isn’t dead either, my map guy has gone on holiday, that’s all. I’ve done a highscore table, and am in the process of doing credits. Stay tuned.

I’m going on holiday too on the 29th, so he’d better be back by then.


March 22, 2006

Yesterday I declared Tuesday a national day of celebration. I exchanged merry Tuesday cheer with friends and shouted “Merry Tuesday!” at passers-by.

Yesterday was also House Drama. Very dramatic. Our house lost, of course, as we always do.

Yesterday was also the day when the Germans arrived. German exchange students. I shot down their plane. Well, I almost did, until somebody noticed I had an anti-aircraft gun. They wouldn’t even believe it was for research. After being severely beaten for my anti-aircraft antics and my alluring abuse of alliteration, I returned to base just in time to see that they had landed on British soil. I shot a couple of them down, or like to think I did, but they were too strong and broke through anyway. I wished them a Merry Tuesday and allowed them to get on with what they were doing. Well, when I say “allowed”, I mean I was forcibly restrained.

I don’t have a German partner. They wouldn’t let me have one since what happened last year in the Black Forest area. I’ll get those Nazis back for stealing my box of sunshine and joy.

Yesterday was also the day I discovered the true meaning of Japan. Ugh. However, going to Japan would be SO FUN. I must go one day to prove my manhood and find out if I really HAVE got bigger breasts than a Japanese woman. Except they’re not really breasts. More “definitions of character”. My left definition of character is sagging a bit. Maybe I should… never mind.

Today was boring as boringness. Again my attempts to defend my country from invading Germans was foiled. People kept trying to grab my definitions of character. I keep making stuff up. Today is my official “making stuff up” day. It was also when elephants fell from the sky and ate some buckets of green bread. As I said, boring.

Tomorrow I will see a play. During schooltime. It’s called Macbeth, and involves some Scottish bloke killing lots of people because he’s been told by some ugly bitch that he’ll be King. Then some other Scottish bloke comes along and kills him. And this Scottish bloke’s Scottish son dies, saying after he does so: “He has killed me mother!” Best. Line. Ever. And the original Scottish bloke’s Scottish wife, who is quite the whore, jumps out a window and goes splat. On the ground. But of course, Macbeth couldn’t care less. He just says something stupid like “She should have died hereafter.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? “Hey, your wife is dead.” “Aw, damnit, that should have happened later.” “Shit. Hey, Lady Macbeth, you got the wrong cue.”

I’m psychotic, and you know it, bitch. You do not want to look into my mind, as doing so would scar you for ever. EVER.

And I need sleep. DON’T YOU EVER TELL ME I NEED SLEEP. But I do. NO I FUCKING DON’T. But-. I like that head, do I?

I could go on and on and on, but my psychiatrist would get angry.

Nothing particularly interesting.

March 7, 2006

Nothing much has happened since my last update. I’m watching my blog go downhill as I speak.

I have, however, DONE MORE WORK ON THE SITE. In the form of a scripting engine. Well, I haven’t coded it, but it’s planned. Planned, as in with a plan. Not just an excuse for not producing anything. Not at all.

The wordpress fonts are too big! Stick to standard sizes please.


I also discovered the quite cool song Rosa Helikopter. However it has 12 year old girls singing it and that kind of ruined it to me. I also discovered the song ‘Walking round in Women’s Underwear’ which is a parody of ‘Winter Wonderland’ and is quite funny. Yeah.

Also, my webhosting at is going to be killed next month, which means no place to dump my stuff :(. It also means I won’t be able to build my new RPG there.

Boring indeed.

Blogs, TV-Out and FFMpeg

February 25, 2006

Firstly, I’m sorry I haven’t updated the blog for a while. Life stuff, y’know. Homework and shit.

I also got my TV-Out cable today. It got here yesterday, but no-one was at home to pick it up. I got it from the Post Office this morning. It works just fine (from Lik-Sang). Some of the apps have problems with scaling, but I can play Quake.

As for FFMpeg, I’m having trouble interacting with the display. It may have something to do with the scaler, but I’m not sure. It’s confusing me. Going to take another shot at it today.

Also, last weekend I discovered I was short-sighted. No surprise, really. Going to pick up my new glasses today.