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May 12, 2006

Stuff that is good that has been found on the internet is:

Dr. Tran – He'll fuck you up. 

Rejected – My spoon is too big. 

Also, my amazing artistic logo for Dzz's demo compo:


Long blog post, excuse the rambling

April 26, 2006

Hello loyal readers, interested passers-by and lost persons,

It has been quite a while since I last updated this blog thingee. So here's a pretty much complete, top-to-bottom (read: random order) rundown of what's bin 'appenin'.

First off, I have had a two week easter holiday. This holiday was unproductive. I did, however, complete Kingdom Hearts 2, the best game I have ever played on the PS2. I also just bought the prequel. I have not managed to do any work on the web RPG I am designing and coding. None. Well, a small amount, but no actual PHP stuff. I also have a £250 web design job. Simple site with a simple admin interface that allows you to add stock. I think that most of the money from this will go to buying a PSP or a Pocket PC. Not sure which yet.

I now have three PCs in my room (one of which is my laptop, one of which doesn't work because it has no RAM, and one of which has lots of RAM but no monitor). I hacked together bits from the RAMless PC into my Dad's old PC, and it works fairly well. Well, reasonably. I SSH to it for dev stuff, but I could easily boot into XP and play Halo on the TV. And dev stuff brings me right on to dev stuff, which is nice.

I've recompiled FFPlay thanks to some handy hints from the nice people in #gp2xdev, and it should now run faster, provided I can get it to work at all. Problem is, playing video causes a segfault, and I have no idea why. Audio works perfectly fine, which is good, because I plan on raping the OldPlay GUI and making it use libav*.

Amateur Transplants have a new song, the NHS Song. You can listen to it here

That's all for now, that wasn't so bad now, was it?